Oct. 15, 2018 GreenVote Press Release:

 In a cynical attack ad corrupt political environment, GreenVote, a grassroots Surrey elector organization, is blazing an ethical green trail through what has become known as the City of Parking Lots – Surrey, BC.


Running a zero money, zero waste campaign, council candidate and former Green Party park commissioner Roslyn Cassells is a strong and determined voice for nature and social justice at city hall.

This year Cassells took the City of Surrey to BC Supreme Court to fight the construction of the road through Hawthorne Park, organized a grassroots campaign against mandatory Btk spraying in North Surrey, developed a Coexisting with Peafowl Plan for Sullivan Heights Community, and advocated for underpasses and temporary road closures for the endangered Western Toad in South Surrey. She has many innovative plans and policies which will show our most marginalized residents compassion, and protect our wildlife and wild spaces!  That includes our companion animals says Cassells, who plans to introduce a Spay and Neuter Program for low income residents and others struggling to help homeless animals in Surrey, a No Kill Policy at Surrey Animal Resource Center, and a Non-Lethal Wildlife Management Policy too.

Roslyn Cassells plans to bring in a No Net Loss of Green Space Policy, and Develop With Care guidelines to protect the environment during development.  She proposes free public transit because, in addition to the health and ecosystem benefits, there is no economic benefit to charging fares.  “The cost of instituting a fare system is equal to the amount collected from fares” she stated, “so why then, charge fares, when so many struggle to pay them?”  There is less cost for infrastructure like roads and bridges if more people take public transit.

More social housing, including more temporary and permanent modular housing is in order, and opening municipal buildings to homeless people instead of leaving them on the street to freeze to death in the winter and overheat in the summer.  Cassells proposes a City Rent Bank, and a new City Homelessness and Housing Outreach Team to assist people with housing and other needs.

We should have a free recreation pass for all low-income people in Surrey” commented Cassells.  “Health is very important and if you are poor it is already difficult to pay for housing, let alone food and recreation.  We need to make sure the basics of life are equally provided to all.”

Drop-In Centers for Youth are needed throughout the city, as are Drop-Ins for Adults.  We need better park amenities like public toilets that are not only occasionally unlocked, water fountains, comfortable benches, picnic tables, barbeque structures, and so on.

Cyclists need physically separated bike lanes, especially in commuter corridors, and improved cycling infrastructure such as better connectivity in the paths system, bike lock ups, and a public bike system.

“We urgently need an Independent Civilian Police Complaints Body, and if we are going to reconsider our policing contract with the RCMP, we need a thorough public consultation” said Cassells.  Putting more police officers on the street is not going to decrease crime or stop gang violence according to social researchers.  “We need to empower women and girls and gender equity must underscore everything we do at City Hall

Cassells proposes municipal broadband to improve accessibility of internet for all, an Ombudsperson for Surrey, progressive green taxation changes, transparency, ecological and social monitoring requirements, and the protection of all that is a social or ecological good in our City.  That includes protecting the Agricultural Land Reserve, banning of ecologically damaging practices, and supporting progressive collective projects like maker spaces, free markets, community arts hubs, and farmers markets.

Roslyn Cassells - GreenVote Surrey council candidate can be reached at 604-763-2510 cell

City of Surrey candidate info: https://www.surrey.ca/election/candidates/roslyn-cassells.aspx

Facebook page for Roslyn Cassells for Surrey City Council:  https://www.facebook.com/pg/Roslyn-Cassells-for-Surrey-City-Council-1699563733470833/

The complete GreenVote Policy Platform is attached.  It is also copied in-line below in case you have problems opening it.  Also attached are photos of the candidate and some of her supporters.