Local environmentalist launches GreenVote in Surrey 


Sept. 5, 2018 – for immediate release – Surrey resident and environmentalist Roslyn Cassells announces the launch of a new municipal political party, GreenVote, based on global green values of social and ecological justice. 


“Surrey is desperate need of green voices to stand up for nature and marginalized communities at city council.  Whether you are a struggling renter, frustrated transit user, homeless person, or one of our animal relations, you will have my full support” commented Cassells. 


“Our city, once called the ‘City of Parks’ has now become the City of Parking Lots” she said, “we need to protect what remaining green spaces we have left for all of us…the animals need our help to keep their homes, young, and food and water sources safe…and people need nature in turn for the social and health benefits access to natural places brings.” 


“There’s a desperate need for more social housing in Surrey, and we need to fiercely protect our remaining rental stocks from redevelopment, which would result in massive displacements of vulnerable people.  In a 0% vacancy rate situation, this means many of those people would become homeless or turn to precarious, unstable, and unsafe housing situations. The City needs to provide incentives to housing providers to maintain existing stocks, and to encourage more housing accessible to those living below the poverty line.” 


“I will be encouraging Translink to provide more buses and 24 hour service so shift workers, students, and party-goers can travel safely and affordably. I will continue to advocate for a municipal spay and neuter program which would reduce animal control costs and improve animal welfare…we need to adopt Best Practices in all City departments, services, and programs…Develop With Care guidelines should inform any future developments to protect wildlife and wild places, our lands and waters” 


In 2018 Cassells took the City of Surrey to BC Supreme Court to fight the plan to put a road through Hawthorne Park, home to 17 endangered species, and drain a 5,000 year old bog.  Shortly after that she started a grassroots campaign against mandatory Btk spraying in North Surrey, then developed a Coexisting with Peafowl Coexistence Plan for the Sullivan Heights Community.  This summer she took part in field studies and advocated for temporary road closures and more underpasses for the endangered Western Toad in South Surrey. 


Cassells was previously elected to Vancouver Park Board where she became Canada’s first elected Green.  During her term she advocated for multicultural hiring, universal access to recreation programs, and together with the community brought in a ban on whales and dolphin importation to the Vancouver Aquarium.  She successfully championed at the board level the first First Nations park naming, the award-winning Coexisting With Coyotes project, and the Free Bus in Stanley Park, among many issues. 


Contact and reference info: E-mail: roslyncassells@yahoo.ca Websites: www.roslyncassells.ca and Roselyn Cassells for City Council Facebook Group as well as Surrey Peacocks and many posts on Vancouver Media Coop and elsewhere including the City of Surrey website.